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Our Program is easy and fun – simply sign up, providing us with information about yourself. WowEarnings will send you Paid Email with a link to an advertiser’s site. When you visit this website you will be paid $0.01 – $0.10 for each paid email.

But your potential income doesn’t stop there. You can earn tons of FREE CASH by completing our Quick Cash Offers ($0.10 – $40.00 per offer) and free paid surveys!

We also pay you $0.001 – $0.01 for each email received by your referrals, $5.00 just for joining, $3.00 for each person you refer and $1 for each person your referrals refer! (see F.A.Q. for more information)

The referral calculator below shows what would happen if you referred 100 people and each read 50 WowEarnings Paid Emails per month (when you get $0.01 commission per each paid email).

get paid to read email e-mail e-mails
Person Emails Received Earnings
You 50 $5.00
100 Referrals 50 $50.00
Total Earned: $55.00
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Although this may not seem like much, simply getting a few dozen referrals can turn into a large monthly income! Tell your friends your free personal WowEarnings referral link and you will refer them in WowEarnings. When they read paid emails, you make money too.

Clicking on our Paid Banners each day will also earn you extra money.

Some of our Paid E-Mails and Banners also provide additional means for our members to earn cash. Some of our advertisers actually want to pay you to signup for their products/services. Not all WowEarnings Mailings and Banners will have this additional feature. It’s also important to note that even if the ad says you’ll get $5.00 for signing up for something, you still get paid just for reading and confirming the Paid Email or clicking the Banner, regardless if you signup or not!

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